I’ve been so blessed to have been given so many opportunities to travel around the world and experience a variety of cultures, however at the end of the day there is no place I would rather be than Canada. Canada is an amazingly unique country, we are filled with such diversity and acceptance. From the east coast to the west coast you can experience such a wide range of beautiful landscapes, friendly people and unique cultures.

When I picture Canada I picture a vast land of natural beauty. Growing up in Alberta, so close to the Rocky Mountains I took their beauty for granted. Now as I get older I am so proud to live near such a natural beauty and consider it my favourite travel destination. Canada is filled with beauty from the Rockies on the west coast, to the never ending prairies in the heart of the country, to sparkly blue waters of the east coast. Canada is home to Niagara Falls, the Northern lights, and the Glacier ice fields. Each province and territory has its own distinct landscape and personality.

Canada’s landscape is almost like a metaphor for Canadians. Traveling across the country you can experience so many different cultures, from the laid back lifestyle on the west to the farm and ranch living in the prairies,  and the metropolitan and fishing culture on the east. And even though each province has its own unique personality, Canadians from one side to the other are all friendly, accepting, and caring. As silly as it sounds Canadians really do play into their stereotype of the “nice people”. Its beautiful to see a country full of people that are so respectful, understanding and accepting of all cultures.

I am so proud of the country I live in, and so proud to be Canadian. I love being a positive ambassador for this beautiful country every time I travel. Everything I am told about Canada from people I meet on my journeys is always positive, Canada is a well respected and loved country and its all thanks to the wonderfully amazing people who all call themselves Canadians and are proud of it.


And since my task was to tell the world why Canada is GREAT I feel I should add 7 fun facts about Canada.

1. While the majority of Canadians consider Hockey to be Canada’s national sport because, well hockey is the best, Lacrosse is actually recognized as the national sport. Its origins come from North American First Nation tribes and was modified by European immigrants in what is now Canada.

2. Everyone has heard of the Lockness Monster in Scotland but Canada has its own mysterious water creature. In the Okanogan lake in British Colombia there is a myth about a monster called the Ogopogo who appears much like the Lockeness Monster.

3. The province of Alberta, my wonderful home, is rat free. There is not a single known rat in the whole province.

4. Canada has one large Hi-Way stretching shore to shore, covering all 10 provinces. That is 5 different time zones! The Hi-Way is called the Trans-Canada and it even has ferries that run to connect the mainland to the islands.

5. Maple Syrup is a Canadian essential. 80% of the worlds Maple syrup is made in Canada and of that 8o%, 91% of it comes the Quebec.

6. Canadians consume more mac and cheese than any other country on earth.

7. The worlds first UFO landing pad was built in St. Paul, Alberta in 1967.

Thank you everyone, and a big thank you to every Canadian out there who makes this country a perfect place to be! Have a wonderful day!


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