3 things I’ve learned since I have arrived at Nationals

1. Attitude
Since I have arrived at the competition I have noticed such a positive attitude from all the girls. It is so important to be positive the whole time your here, there will be many instances where you will feel sad and disappointed in yourself because” you could have done that better”. I just wanna say it’s alright you will fail at some things but when you achieve success it’s definitely worth it.

2. Time
Time here is so valuable it’s ridiculous. Since I arrived at the competition we have had a Strict schedulFullSizeRender (8)e. We wake up super early to go to breakfast at this delicious restaurant called EGGOLICIOUS, then we go off on a activity for the rest of the day such as golf sponsored by Byall Golf or shopping sponsored by Square One Mall. We usually get  back to the hotel around 10-11 each night. So you really have to cherish every second you get because I get up at 5am each day then off we go!!!!

3. Posture
In a pageant you see so many beautiful young women with excellent posture. So while we’re here we have get judged on our posture and our walk so of course you have to be good at it ;). A tip thFullSizeRender (9)at I have learned since I have arrived is that you stand tall and be proud of how you stand. There’s no point of arching your back so much that it’s uncomfortable, so just relax a little and “sit like you would if the Queen is coming over” – (My moms words )

Sorry this one is kinda sort guys but I’ll keep you updated with the rest of the week

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