Every 54 days (a good two months) I go in and donate blood. For my first time I only did it because I needed religion hours. However, I had a great experience which influenced me to donate every chance that I get. This past Saturday, April 5, 2014, my friend Theresa Adams donated blood for her very first time!I told her “Nerves are to be expected, but trust me it will be a pinch and before you know it, you’ll be done.” She actually finished donating before I did! It was my third time donating, therefore Canadian Blood Services gave me this adorable key chain! Thank You so VERY much <3

Normally it takes a donor 5-8 minutes to fill up a bag. It took Theresa  give or take 10 minutes, and that was with one glass of water in her system. I had drank water before as well, however, my blood flow was poor and it took me 15-20 minutes. Turned out the needle was up against a valve that kept fluttering. OH well 🙂 I enjoy to donate blood and I believe everyone should. I am A Rh+ (36% of Canadians are this type) so I don’t necessarily need to donate. However, if i was A Rh- (6%) It would be a recommendation to.

  • A Rh +    36%
  • A Rh –    6%
  • B Rh+     7.6%
  • B Rh-     1.4%
  • AB Rh+  2.5%
  • AB Rh-   0.5%
  • O Rh+    39%
  • O Rh-     0.7%

Here is a photo of my Donor Card!


Thank You For Tuning In! Also really consider donating!

A second chance at life is the best gift you could give to someone.



Megan King- Miss Teenage Red Deer 2014

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