What a crazy day I have had. Been up since 1:30 am (Alberta time), caught my flight at 6:20 am. and then arrived safely in Toronto around 12:30 (Toronto time) thanks to the amazing WestJet Team! I was able to get a picture with the pilots, along with four other delegates who arrived on the same flight as me. It was my very first time flying by myself and with their help they made it a great experience. I shouldn’t be flying for long periods of times because it endangers my health. I have anti-coagulated blood disorder, that is carried down due to genetics. My blood clots are in my upper left thigh, my stomach (a huge mass of blood clots are found here) and in my left lung. These blood clots have hospitalized me for a week and a half. I am so blessed to be allowed to compete for Miss TEENage Canada pageant because of my health I should still be on bed rest. However, I am a trooper and I am determined that I can make it through this busy, fun packed week ahead of me!

Also, today I met my lovely roommate, Miss Teenage Southern Ontario (Ronnie <3). It is crazy how we got paired up. We both lost our fathers to tragic conditions, we both enjoy sports and singing, we are both ambidextrous, we both enjoy shopping for clothes, and have similar personalities. Thank you to the Miss Teenage Canada team for assigning her to be my roommate! I honestly just love her already.

Around 7:00 pm all 70+ girls met our sponsors, which include Golden Glamour Goddesses (http://www.gggoddesses.com/), Hi-Tec Shoe Company (https://www.facebook.com/HiTecUSA), Motives Cosmetics (http://ca.motivescosmetics.com/), and Wright Spa Mobile Services (https://www.facebook.com/wrightspamobile). Today the leaders of these four sponsor companies taught all 70+ girls about their products. In return, we get free shoes (WHICH ARE SO COMFY), our make up and hair are going to be completed by Motives Cosmetics, and we have the option to get our eyelash extensions and spray tans from Golden Glamour Goddesses. Since I already have long enough eyelashes and fake eyelashes to last me a good three months, I chose to go with the spray tan, which we get at a really good price!

Anyways Bonne Nuit <3 (Goodnight)


Megan King

– Miss Teenage Red Deer 2014

Written by: Megan
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