Today we had an early wake up call.. to be ready and out the door by 5 am. YIKES I was up at 3:30 preparing myself to be on Breakfast Television,¬†, along with the rest of the contestants. Breakfast TV was an amazing team, they were honestly so out going and fun to be around. Since it was my first time being able to watch “behind-the-scenes” I found it very interesting. Everyone has to know what is going on at all times in order for the show to run smoothly, if not it would end up turning into a disaster. After Breakfast Television, we went and ate breakfast (how ironic eh?) at High Park. They are amazing at cooking scrambled eggs, bacon and hash-browns. Yummy. We sat outside and boy was it humid and hot! I enjoyed how we could interact with nature… well until a BEE came and decided to hang around my table of friends… Pageant girls + Bugs = Loud Screaming. LOL Anyways there was this little bird that kept flying around my table. Such a cutie and the bird had the most unique chirp that I have ever heard. After the breakfast at High Park, we returned to the hotel and had a break. After the break we had a presentation from Schwarzkopf Professional¬† We had this competition to see who could create the best messy buns and the best braid. My team that I was on won, therefore we received an extra goodie bag with hair products.

We then went to Yorkdale Shopping Centre! BENCH #missbench was a sponsor of ours, therefore we all received a 25$ shopping card towards a bench item! I got a whole entire new set of work out clothes for roughly 60$. Thank you to our sponsors once again! You are all amazing.

To finish off the day we had rehearsals! Our dance number is gonna be fly.

Have a good sleep! <3



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