Hi! My name is Gina Omilon, and on March 18th, I was crowned Miss Teen Red Deer-World 2012!

Red Deer is my hometown. I was born and raised in Alberta’s central city. The best part about Red Deer’s location is it is directly in between Calgary and Edmonton, so Red Deer citizens get the best of both worlds!

I want everyone to get to know me so I am going to describe a bit about my life. I am a grade 12 student that is attending Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame High School in Red Deer! My dad is an automotive technician, and my mom is an author. I also have a little sister who loves sports, especially volleyball, basketball and karate! Our family is always on the go as each of us is always so busy!

Opposite from my sister, my passion is not in the sports arena, but in the fine arts. I love…and I mean LOVE…acting! My dream and goal in life is to become a professional actor. Right now I do a lot of stage and theatre performances, but I hope to move onto more film and television. I actually just finished the production of The Wizard of Oz where I was Miss Gultch, and the Wicked Witch of the West! The Wicked Witch was an amazing role to play, and I had so much fun with it! Our cast practiced 3 times a week since September, so we became really close. The ending of the show was bittersweet, especially since it was my last high school musical. However, I am already starting a new show which I actually wrote, casted, and directed! So I am really excited for what new experiences that will bring on! I know though, that I will always pursue a career in the fine arts. I am so passionate about the arts, and I love that it is able to give an escape for people from reality. Whenever someone listens to a song, or watches a movie, they are taken into that storyline and forget about whatever problems they may be facing that day. I love that I am able to create that release for people, and want to continue doing such!

 I have never been AMAZING at sports, but I do enjoy them. So, instead of competitively playing them, I actually coach. For the last 4 years, I have coached a junior boy’s volleyball team that has boys from grade 6-8 on the team. I have really enjoyed this! This enjoyment also stems from the fact that I love kids! Babysitting was, and still is, a joy for me! Children are so cute and innocent and I love that I can be an older role model for them. So, coaching is just the thing for me. Although I want my team to be able to win, I also want them to be proud of what they have accomplished, and learn valuable lessons from being on the team. Just this past year my team won Silver at Cities, so I am very proud of them!

My favorite city in the world is a tie between Los Angeles [United States] and London [England.] I definitely have the travel bug living well within me! I love traveling so much, and always take the opportunity to go on an adventure to a different city or country! I have been to Europe twice! The first time I went, I traveled to England and Scotland and actually performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That was an amazing opportunity! Europe is so different from North America, and it was a really great cultural experience for me. I was able to see how fortunate we are and it really enforced how thankful I should be for my everyday life.

Lastly, my favourite musician is Michael Jackson. He was able to change the entire music industry, and I really look up to him and his dedication to his art. He never gave up, and did not listen to the critics. Yes, he had some hard times when it came to the media, but I do not believe we should judge someone on details we truly do not know are true. So, I continue to be an MJ fan! I also am a huge fan of Coldplay and The Script! I really enjoy how different their music is, and the British style they have! They are both inspirations to me because their lyrics are always telling a story. I am almost always humming one of their songs.

Hopefully this blog has helped you learn a bit more about me! I will definitely continue to share even more in each blog! I am truly so thankful for the opportunity to be Miss Teen Red Deer-World 2012, and continue on to the national pageant. I have already had a blast representing Red Deer, and know I will continue to! A big thank you to my national sponsors Big 105.5 and 106.7 The Drive! They have already helped me come so far, and are continuing to support me. I am so thankful for them, and they are two FANTASTIC radio stations!! You can listen to them online at www.big105.fm or www.1067thedrive.fm

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on my journey!

Dream BIG,

Gina <3

This introductory post is sponsored by a Toronto roof.

Song: Sing by My Chemical Romance
Quote: “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” –E.E. Cummings

Written by: Gina Omilon
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32 Responses to Hello from Gina Omilon, Miss Teen Red Deer-World 2012!

  1. joshua dyck says:

    your awesome!

  2. Ruetherbee says:

    Best of Luck Gina!! You are so talented, can’t wait to see you on stage and on screen in the future. You’re born to be a star!

  3. Rob Campbell says:

    Really well done. Congratulations on writing the best personal introductory post I’ve read so far in 2012 Search. You’re off to a good start.

  4. Jaelene Stearns says:

    I’d love to have you as Miss Teen Canada, your poise and mature manners would be a great representation for Red Deer and Canada. Best of luck as you continue on your journey!

  5. Miss Almeida says:

    You are amazing, talented, hilarious and so smart!! You are definitely going places!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your life…. It’s bound to be awesome!
    Good luck : )

    • Gina Omilon says:

      Miss Almeida!!
      Thank you so much!! That is such a wonderful compliment and it means so much to me!! Thank YOU for being an amazing role model and for being such an inspiration!

  6. Mrs. Ballantyne says:

    You are a wonderful young lady, a great role model for young Canadian girls. Whatever the future brings for you, I believe you will do great things! Best of Luck Gina!

    • Gina Omilon says:

      Thank you so much Mrs. Ballantyne! I am so happy to be a role model for young Canadian girls! It’s an awesome opportunity!

  7. Mr. Andrew says:

    Hi Gina,
    Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far…. all the best the rest of the way.

  8. Mr. Knievel says:

    You are such a talented, and amazing young woman Gina! You are definitly going to go places in your life, and the possibilities for you will be as limitless as the stars!!
    Good Luck!!

  9. Ms. Kofin says:

    Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment! You are beautiful on the inside and the outside and have so many gifts to share with the world! Best of luck in the future 🙂
    Ms. Kofin

    • Gina Omilon says:

      Awe! Thanks Ms Kofin! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model as well! You are SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!

  10. Mrs. Armitage says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck Gina!

  11. Dominique Adams says:

    oh hey gina….stumbled on this……congrats you crazy chick. YOU ARE A SUPAHSTAH

  12. Holly Poskus says:

    You are quite magical!!! What an accomplishment! I wish you the greatest of luck in all that you do , Gina!

    • Gina Omilon says:

      Magical?! Oooo 🙂 Why thank you Holly!! #WizardOfOzAlumni haha
      Truly though, thanks for all of your support!

  13. Emma Aspinall says:

    Congrats Gina! You’re such a talented and beautiful person from the inside out!!

  14. Caitlin says:

    Loooooool I like how I’m texting instead of helping with the poster 😛

  15. Michael says:

    Good luck Gina! Keep up the good work… and nice website!

  16. Amanda says:

    Congrats on everything you have achieved! I wish you all the best!!!!! You really deserve it! 🙂

  17. Judith Heffernan says:

    Congratulations Gina on all of your accomplishments.Best of luck in Toronto and for the future.
    Judith Heffernan

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