Tonight was the first night of nationals so of course we had to play some mini golf. Here let me explain, so tonight was Miss Teenage Canada’s Sponsor party 2016IMG_0838. Different companies and businesses came to meet us in person get a better understanding of what the pageant is about but also came to invite us later in the week to participate in their awesome activities!!!! The companies names were KNNEFF golf academies, and Archer’s Arena. We also got clothing sponsored to us by Nuvango and chocolate sponsored by Q’ Bites.

If you scored a hole-in – one, in the mini golf you were put in the finals round. And SURPRISE that is exactly what happened to me!!! i was pumped ready to win a round a mini golf 13709530_922149261226922_1028959586_oand then go eat some chocolate but oh no! i had to verse off between two BC girls for top 3. It was getting super heated, people were cheering, everyone was watching so intensely i could feel the tension rising in the air. When it came to my turn in the final round it was just me and 1 BC girl and i could tell she was in it to win it! So its finally my turn, i set the golf ball down in good aliment with the target and went for it!!! one thing i did not count for was the boxes that were in the way. At that moment i knew i had lost. The BC girl came up fixed her positioning and won the mini golf tournament.

Tonight was such a blast! i had the chance to meet everyone that i am competing with, the chance to meet so many amazing Sponsors, and take so many cute and wonderful photo’s with my sisters!!!! so thanks again to everyone, i wouldn’t be here with out you!!!


Written by: Kendyl
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3 Responses to Mini Golf – Alberta VS British Colombia

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good pics but where are the LINKS to the sponsors ? or is this not your official Blog assignment #3 post?

  2. Yvonne says:

    Great pictures…you look good in red! You did great at mini golf & came so close to winning. Keep up the enthusiasm & the positive attitude. That’s worth even more than winning the game.

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