My high School held a whole week of raising awareness to a fundamental school and the inequalities they face everyday. The school is called Parkland Schools and thFullSizeRender (4)ey have the most amazing students and staff but no one evens knows that they were located in Red Deer or even that we had a fundamental school. My school devoted a whole week fundraising for this wonderful school and included fun activities for us to do, such as Disability day. On this day every grad service team member had to have a disability for the entire day and if they failed they would have to donate money and start over. I was chosen to be in a wheel chair all day, and let me tell you that was not easy. You would think the cafeteria would be easy to move around in… NO! they had tables everywhere and only one entry point. The elevator was small and hot and not at all “good” looking, and i was only in a wheelchair for a day i can not even imagine what those kids have to go through everyday of their lives. I was so very honored that I could experience that. One other disability some teams had to experience was Blindness.

In the picture i have posted in this entry you can clearly see myself laughing in the wheel chair ( just trying to make the best out of every situation ) but in the back round you can see my team mate Ryan. He got ” diagnosed” with being blind for a day, he had a real struggle with that because he had no idea what was going on around him or he could not have control over anyIMG_9688 situation. He sat there the entire day not being able to see the vibrant colors of the school, class mates clothes or the blue sky out side. I was so proud of my self and even more Ryan because it takes a lot to be some your not for entire day and this help me understand more of what these kids go through everyday!

My school recently held a huge school wide BBQ fundraiser for the Fort Mac fires. Th original plan with the money was to donate 100% of the proceeds towards the Fire, but plans change. The school decided last minute to donate half the proceeds towards a family here in Red Deer effected by the fires, i can honestly say i was so happy to hear that! Not only are we donating a lot of money to Fort Mac but as well as Helping a local family at the same time. I helped my school set up everything from tables to sponsored gift bags from COSMOS bottle depot Ltd. to putting out the pylons for the SmaAlberta-Strong-635x357sh a Car!! This whole day was a huge success and i am so proud of how much money we raised for the family and for the Fires.


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