As you all know, I am the oldest of three children and come from a single parent home. My younger sister Michelle is very inspirational. Every day she inspires me through her actions and all I can say is that she can be very… creative. She makes me laugh with her outgoing personality and has the sweetest intentions anyone on this Earth could have. One day I hope she gets enough courage to enter into a pageant like I did because not only is she beyond gorgeous, but she is also very passionate. She demonstrates her passion through her sports, she gets right into the game and is a team player. One of her strongest characteristics is leadership, she can pull together strong ideas and plays for her team, even though she undergoes hardships where not everyone agrees, she continues to push through. 

I also have a younger brother Matthew. He is currently in the sixth grade and is exceeding high grades. He is very smart and shy and strives at everything. He is determined to get things done as soon as he can. He was currently in the RED DEER 4H june 31-2 with is Delburne team. His steer placed second in one of the competitions. I am very proud to have him as my younger brother, actually I couldn’t be more happy.



I Love My siblings <3

Written by: Megan
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