Alright guys so today was my first day at Nationals/ Miss teenage Canada competition. I have just arrived at the hotel with the other girls and the first thought i had was ” how am i going to carry 5 luggage bags alone all around the hotel”. Christi one of our chaperones show p and laughs at me because i cant carry i all. She decides to help me but giggles to her self up the elevator. When i first walk into the room on the 12th floor i saw many girls in groups talking and getting to know each other and i knew if i didn’t introduce my self to them right away i would loose out on the chance to make new friends, in fact sisters for life.

Later that night at 6:30 we all headed back up to the 12th floor for the sponsor party. What is a sponsor party you may ask? This party was a chance for the official sponsors of this years pageant to show off some of their product and get their name out on social media using us girls as “models “. For example a company called ArcheryTag came tonight and let us take some photos with one of their Bow&Arrows. We had the chance to do as many different poses as we wanted and even had the chance to pose with some girls (such as im doing in this photo to the right.) from taking photos for our benefit and pleasure this also helps out the company because there getting 50+ girls to share their photos online. I am so thrilled to be apart off the party because i received so many amazing gifts from all the sponsors.

One of my favorite gifts i received was my Sunglasses sponsored by VPICanada. They are amazingly beautiful and they fit my face just right! I totally recommend VPICanada because 1. They are so awesome for one reason- you can see your reflection in them

2. There shipping and handling fee’s are so reasonable that you can literally order any pair online and get them is such a short time!!!

My other favorite Activity was the mini golf sponsored by Byall Golf. It was so much fun trying and succeeding 😉 in getting a Hole – In – one. If you got a hole in one you went into finals ( read about it in my other blog post!!!). I had such a blast doing it and getting photos with the banner and the “golf course”.

Tonight was such an enjoyable experience. I am so blessed that I could be apart of Miss teenage canada. So thank you so much and I’ll keep you updated with the rest of the week


Miss teenage Red deer County 2016



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