image4 (1) Friday the 8th I was honored to attend the closing ceremony at the Red Deer Arena. It was full of people saying goodbye and cherishing the place where many of them grew up. For some this is where people had their First ever hockey game, first dates, kissed the ones they loved, and of course first ever frozen tush!  My job was to manage the photo booth with this lovely lady i met, and while i was at my station so many old couples came up to me and sharedimage1 (1) their stories that they met in this very arena. That they remember  being so nervous to take out the prettiest girl to the town hang out place.I personally did not have much time to make memories but i can say that it was the coolest place in town. It is always sad to see building the we used to love get torn down, but i am very cheerful to hear that the new arena will be absolutely amazing.
There was this little girl there on the night of the demolition and i am so honored to say that i have met her.  She came up to me and said ” Are you a real princess?”, at first i was shocked for someone to ask me such a question because why would i consider my self a princess? When i replied  “No” to the little girl she looked so saimage2 (1)d and disappointed, she just starred at me until i thought of an idea that would maybe make her happy again. I got down on my knees so i could look her in the eye and asked ” would you like to try on my tiara?” her face made my whole day, she could not believe that she got to wear such a pretty crown. After she ran off to play more games with friends i got thinking to myself ” i know i am not a real princess but i sure am close”. I think the term princess isnt just for a pretty girl in a poofy dress and a crown but also a role model that little kids could look up to! Thank you Little girl for letting me share my experience with you and making you so happy
Written by: Kendyl
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