So today was a big day for all the girls as we had our interviews, photo and video shoot. Crazy! Crazy! Long wait just to get it done, personally I waited for about a good five hours. My hair and makeup were done by Motives Cosmetics They are a lovely team, my hair stylist did an amazing job along with my make up artist. The company started in 2008 by Loren Ridinger. Their key principles have been based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Check out Loren’s video at Market America World Conference in 2012


After that was all done and over with, we had the opportunity to get fake eyelash extensions or a spray tan, or even both. I of course chose the spray tan because I needed some touch ups. I’m honestly so tan right now it is unbelievable. I went with the darkest spray solution possible, because that is what I normally get at Fabutan in red deer, but it never turns out really dark, like after I look the way that I did before. However, spray tan is a huge thumbs up. Golden Glamour Goddesses company is spot on amazing On their webpage they have a lovely Do’s & Dont’s ( I highly recommend that you listen to their instructions as your tan will last longer, and it will come out more even. They told me today that my tan due to my ph level of my skin should last me a good 6 days! AMAZING as preliminaries are this Thursday.


Anyways tomorrow is a huge day as we will be up early to star in BREAKFAST TELEVISION!

Bonne Nuit <3


Megan King

Miss Teenage Red Deer 2014

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