Hello everyone its time for an update again!!! Aren’t you lucky. Alright so in the past couple image3 (1)of weeks I have gone to a couple events that have created memories that i will never forget. On April 14th 2016 i attended an event in Calgary Alberta with my good friend Jade Zuffa. This event was called The Empty Bowl Benefit at the Calgary food bank. Our tasks at the benefit were to paint bowls of our own design and later they would be auctioned off and all proceeds go straight back to the Food Bank. She invited me to this event to experience what other people go through everyday. I felt so blessed and happy i could help out with such an amazing experience!

The next event i attended would be MOMMYLICIOUS. This event was wonderful for everyone out there. I was in charge of giving out their Swag bags which was only available to the first 50 people in the door, and trust me when i say it was hard having a rush and turning down people who were just seconds late. I later moved on to the Bouncy House and that was so much fun! I loved seeing these kids run and be filled with excitement every time they came down the slide, it was so amazing see these kids have fun for literally HOURS on end, and it was amazing seeing how well behaved the children were and it made just so proud to be able to run that station. This event was a perfect chance to catch up on some pregnancy tips for a soon to be mother or even just to get some organic baby food. This organization only comes to Red Deeimage4 (1) - Editedr twice a year and it was such an honor to be able to help out with the amazing event!

The last thing i want to talk about in this Update is the fundraising i will be doing in the near future. Of course i will be holding bottle drives and Hot dog sales but i just want to focus on the really important ones that mean so much to me! My high School is holding a whole week in promoting a fundamental school and the inequalities they face everyday. The school is called Parkland Schools and they have the most amazing students and staff but no one evens knows that they were located in Red Deer. My school devoted a whole week fundraising for this wonderful school and included fun activities for us to do, such as Disability day. On this day every grad service team/team member had to have a disability for the entire day and if they failed they would have to donate money and start over. I was chosen to be in a wheel chair all day, and let me tell you that was not easy. You would think the cafeteria would be easy to move around in… NO! they had tables everywhere and only one entry point. The elevator was small and hot and not at all “happy” looking, and i was only in it for a day i can not even imagine what those kids have to go through everyday of their lives. Another upcoming fundraiser coming up is the Fort Mac BBQ and Smash a car! All the proceeds from this BBQ are going straight to the Red Cross foundation in the support of helping the ones in need, and i am happy to announce my school is donating it all to me as part of my fundraising efforts towards Miss Teenage Canada. One last Fundraiser i have planned is a Zumba class! I have always wanted to do a Zumba class and now i have the chance and it goes towards the Fort Mac fires and a charity called Free The Children ( the national fundraiser for MTC ). i am very excited that my old dance teacher was so kind and generous as to Sponsor the whole Class,Teacher,and Location.

Thank you everyone who took the time to read my blog Update and please if you want to help but you don’t know how i do have a GOFUNDME account that you can donate to!


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