Hello Everyone! Today I will be talking to you all  about my platform! What is a platform you may ask??  Well a  platform is something each delegate is passionate about and want to bring awareness to! Saying that I have chosen Changing Stereotypical views on pageants and on the girls who participate in them As my official platform.

When choosing my platform  I wanted to choose something that would not only be extremely beneficial to many young girls growing up in my hometown of Penhold (Red deer) Alberta ,  but also be a great community leader that they can also look up to! For the regional pageant of Alberta I had so much trouble choosing one i almost ran out of time, well until a dear friend of mine said one that just sparked the passion within me. My friends suggested changing stereotypical view on pageants as she thought i could do so much with it. As many of you know i am a bigger girl ( and proud of it) so when she said this, i thought it would be perfect!

I chose this as IMG_9879my official Alberta platform and my MTC platform because i have real passion for this and i believe that other people should know about this! I chose this to raise awareness about the “Truth” about pageants and not putting so much social and mental pressure on the girls who participate in them.Pageants are actually not all what they crack up to be and have so many wrong “facts” about them. Such as “pageants are just about beauty”,The truth is, many people just don’t realize the actual work of a titleholder. Several titleholders and most national or international titleholders (i.e. Miss Teen Canada and Miss Teen Universe) give up an entire year to work for their organization. Centered titleholders spend much of their time behind a laptop or phone keeping the world updated on how they are trying to improve the world or just the community they represent. They head to appearances of all kinds. You can find girls with the sparkling crowns speaking at press conferences, talking on the radio, and stopping at multiple community events each day.Yes as a title holder we do have to look our best but that is where it all stops, we don’t all get fake spray tans and boob jobs or hair extensions most of us try to look and act as natural as possible. Who would you rather be having a conversation with a natural girl who is telling you straight up or a girl trying so hard to be what she thinks the world/ media wants her to be. Ask any pageant girl, the work of a titleholder is not easy, and it consists of early mornings and sometimes having to “fake it till you make it.” However, they will also tell you that this work is quite possibly the most rewarding work that anyone could ever hope to have. So please Tell me again about how pageant are all about beauty.

“Pageants are degrading to women” – I’ve heard and seen far too many women empowered andIMG_9537 positively impacted by pageants to believe that. Pageant “queens” are polished, well-rounded women who excel in academics, leadership and character. Pageants challenge women to be their very best and offer rewards for hard work in the form of opportunity, and for some, scholarships. That is the exact opposite of demeaning women. I can see where people may get the idea that pageants are degrading to women. Pageant girls train as hard each day to one day put their training to the test,  a pageant girl, takes the constructive criticism, and they improve. to a pageant girl, interviewing and walking onstage is just what she does, so it’s normal to her, so let us pageant girls do our thing ( get in shape, practice community speaking) and maybe take a chance to look at the world from our perspective. Others think simply being judged is what’s “demeaning”. Take a look what is judged in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant and how much beauty alone is weighted in a contestants score. There is no place to score it! Instead, contestants in this system are judged on interview, talent, presence and poise, and at the very bottom is swimsuit (15%) and onstage question (5%). A good swimsuit score can’t override a bad interview, so there has got to be more to it. Beauty is not what it’s all about.To me, practicing my interview skills, walking onstage in a swimsuit is empowering, and taking a loss is just another chance to learn. I’ve never felt degraded by pageants in any way. I find myself  discovering different Positive ways that my body is beautiful every time i strut my stuff up on the stage.

I’ll leave you with this – if all you see the finished, spray-tanned “product”, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg. You can’t understand pageants or anything until you experience it. Women in pageants deserve respect – they are brave, disciplined and full of integrity. They are the first to volunteer at community events. They are role models, and people should recognize it.

“If I was chosen as Miss teenage Canada How could I promote it?? “ If chosen as Miss Teenage Canada, I would like to use my newly crowned Canada wide voice, to in a way be a voice for the people who have no voice,again changing the stereotypical views and opinions surrounding IMG_9545this issue , promoting a positive and upbeat lifestyle is why i am encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and stop having the fear of being judged by their peers and experience a pageant your self!!!.  If I  to become the next Miss Teenage Canada, My main Mission would be to focus on the Positivity for young people about their bodies and how to “own it” for being you. I wan to spread this through out Middle and high schools across Alberta and hopefully even across Canada! Media is such a big role in our society today and i want to get the facts straight for everyone so maybe in the future they could experience this themselves!I feel this is greatly needed, I would love the chance to speak to many of the school boards across Canada, and host many fundraisers and activities improving the state of mind when it comes to questioning your body or the Pageant.

Written by: Kendyl
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